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ANA Cargo shared that two dwell horses were transported from Narita to Hong Kong on a Boeing 777F plane in April.

On the interrogate of of NIPPON EXPRESS GROUP, two horses entrusted by Spix were transported to Melbourne for breeding, and ANA became in say of the transport between Narita – Hong Kong.

ANA’s specialised ULD affectionately most frequently known because the “Horse Stall,” became completely designed for the safe and satisfied transport of our equine passengers. For the duration of a peculiar flight, the crew no longer only ensured the horses’ well-being but furthermore accommodated their grooms and our workers onboard.

ANA Cargo

Recognising the peaceable nature of these intellectual animals, meticulous pre-coordination took pronounce with the patron to be sure a high-tail that prioritised security, comfort, and reliability.

“Every effort became made to minimise any doubtless stressors, equivalent to temperature fluctuations or vibrations, making sure a mute high-tail abilities for our four-legged companions,” acknowledged within the corporate.

ANA Cargo