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With a sturdy network in the Americas made up of slender and widebody passenger flights, to boot to freighters that complement every other, Air Canada Cargo offers constant 365 days-spherical skill serving over 100 points in the region. Within the route of the region, the service transports a indispensable vary of commodities with the make stronger of its trucking providers and products and interline partnerships. From fruits and pharmaceuticals to animals and unhealthy items, Air Cargo Canada moves items all across the realm on its freighters, widebody plane and on-search recordsdata from flights safely and securely.

However, the service’s focal point is no longer actual on creating an powerful route network for its customers, it’s attempting to form sustainable connectivity. Environmental sustainability continues to be a key focal point for both customers and Air Canada Cargo’s industry, with the airline having plan an ambitious safe zero emissions purpose for all operations by 2050. In defining the pathway to this purpose, Air Canada has plan a mid-period of time greenhouse gasoline (GHG) safe-reduction targets for 2030. These encompass a 20 percent GHG safe reduction from its air operations, a 30 percent GHG safe reduction from our ground operations, and a CAD$50 million funding fund in low-carbon technologies to flee decarbonisation.

“The air cargo industry plays a pivotal feature in connecting the realm with timely and legit logistics providers and products, and our mixture service plan enables us to be versatile and adaptable to the market’s altering stipulations and buyer wants,” Matthieu Casey, Air Canada Cargo’s Managing Director – Industrial, said.

“On the ground, Air Canada continues to focal point on electrifying our ground swiftly of autos.

“Thru our Prance away Less Commute Programme, cargo customers can decrease their environmental footprint. The programme, which offers company and cargo customers effective alternate choices to offset or decrease their greenhouse gasoline (GHG) emissions linked to industry walk or freight transportation, enables customers to establish from sustainable aviation gasoline (SAF), carbon offsets or a mixture of both. So far, throughout the Prance away Less Commute Program, Air Canada Cargo has facilitated the acquisition of millions of litres of SAF to a few its greatest global customers.

“Sustainable aviation gasoline offers a substitute for vulnerable, fossil-basically based jet gasoline. It is widely recognised as a key lever in direction of reaching aviation’s GHG emission reduction needs. To boot, we focal point on adopting extra sustainable packaging supplies and creating extra efficient processes to diminish our impact.”

Managing operations

Air Canada Cargo prides itself on highlighting both its agility and adaptive nature amid altering skill and search recordsdata from through a mixture of strategic planning and operational flexibility. Always monitoring market traits and taking part carefully with skills partners to alter for a surge in volumes, the service’s proactive procedure enables it to scale operations dynamically, adjusting capacities and assets to fulfill fluctuations in search recordsdata from.

“Handling skill fluctuations with freighters and widebody passenger flights allow us to supply our customers a relentless 365 days-spherical product,” Casey said.

“Efficient cargo handling is crucial for our industry as it reduces the time items utilize in transit and ensures timely birth. It starts with rising effective and efficient scheduling and planning upfront to minimise cargo handling delays.

“Air Canada Cargo additionally offers a priority service for time-peaceable merchandise (pharmaceuticals, perishables, excessive-price cargo) resulting in higher load priority, shorter relaxed and retrieval cases, and a service stage guarantee. We additionally work carefully with customers for customised on-search recordsdata from flights after they’ve to pass urgent, time-peaceable shipments across the globe beyond scheduled service or destinations.

“Air Canada Cargo has established solid, strategic partnerships with trucking providers, which counterpoint our network and allow our customers to attain a wider vary of U.S. destinations when widebody skill is no longer always readily accessible.

“In 2023, Air Canada established a collaboration with Air Company. The collaboration objectives to flee the event of vitality-to-liquid SAF (PtL SAF) in assorted North American markets by 2025. That will give Air Canada receive admission to to SAF that’s fully just of fossil fuels and objectives for the absolute best reduction in greenhouse gasoline (GHG) emissions amongst all sustainable aviation fuels readily accessible in the marketplace. This initiative will make stronger the event of SAF in Canada.”