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With a sturdy network within the Americas made up of narrow and widebody passenger flights, to boot to freighters that complement each and every diversified, Air Canada Cargo presents consistent 365 days-spherical capacity serving over 100 aspects within the set up. All the most practical device thru the set up, the carrier transports all kinds of commodities with the enhance of its trucking services and products and interline partnerships. From fruits and prescribed pills to animals and unhealthy items, Air Cargo Canada strikes items all all over the world on its freighters, widebody airplane and on-query flights safely and securely.

On the opposite hand, the carrier’s focus is no longer sincere on creating an sizable route network for its customers, it’s having a hit upon to compose sustainable connectivity. Environmental sustainability continues to be a key focus for both customers and Air Canada Cargo’s enterprise, with the airline having blueprint an ambitious catch zero emissions operate for all operations by 2050. In defining the pathway to this operate, Air Canada has blueprint a mid-term greenhouse gas (GHG) catch-reduction targets for 2030. These encompass a 20 p.c GHG catch reduction from its air operations, a 30 p.c GHG catch reduction from our ground operations, and a CAD$50 million funding fund in low-carbon applied sciences to tempo up decarbonisation.

“The air cargo enterprise plays a pivotal role in connecting the world with timely and first rate logistics services and products, and our aggregate carrier space permits us to be versatile and adaptable to the market’s altering circumstances and customer needs,” Matthieu Casey, Air Canada Cargo’s Managing Director – Commercial, stated.

“On the ground, Air Canada continues to give attention to electrifying our ground rapid of autos.

“Through our Leave Much less Stride Programme, cargo customers can reduce their environmental footprint. The programme, which presents company and cargo customers efficient alternatives to offset or reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated to enterprise bound back and forth or freight transportation, permits customers to determine from sustainable aviation gas (SAF), carbon offsets or a aggregate of both. To this level, thru the Leave Much less Stride Program, Air Canada Cargo has facilitated the acquisition of hundreds and hundreds of litres of SAF to a couple of its biggest global customers.

“Sustainable aviation gas presents an alternative choice to unheard of, fossil-essentially based jet gas. It is widely recognised as a key lever towards achieving aviation’s GHG emission reduction dreams. As successfully as, we give attention to adopting extra sustainable packaging materials and creating extra efficient processes to reduce our impact.”

Managing operations

Air Canada Cargo prides itself on highlighting both its agility and adaptive nature amid altering capacity and query thru a aggregate of strategic planning and operational flexibility. Repeatedly monitoring market developments and taking part carefully with technology companions to adjust for a surge in volumes, the carrier’s proactive potential permits it to scale operations dynamically, adjusting capacities and sources to fulfill fluctuations in query.

“Facing capacity fluctuations with freighters and widebody passenger flights enable us to give our customers a consistent 365 days-spherical product,” Casey stated.

“Surroundings pleasant cargo going thru is crucial for our enterprise because it reduces the time items utilize in transit and ensures timely provide. It starts with constructing efficient and efficient scheduling and planning in advance to minimise cargo going thru delays.

“Air Canada Cargo additionally presents a priority carrier for time-dazzling products (prescribed pills, perishables, high-fee cargo) ensuing in bigger load priority, shorter soft and retrieval times, and a carrier stage guarantee. We additionally work carefully with customers for customised on-query flights when they’ve to switch urgent, time-dazzling shipments all over the globe beyond scheduled carrier or locations.

“Air Canada Cargo has established basic, strategic partnerships with trucking services, which complement our network and enable our customers to reach a worthy wider range of U.S. locations when widebody capacity is no longer always on hand.

“In 2023, Air Canada established a collaboration with Air Company. The collaboration objectives to tempo up the building of energy-to-liquid SAF (PtL SAF) in quite a couple of North American markets by 2025. That will give Air Canada access to SAF that is entirely honest of fossil fuels and objectives for the supreme reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions among all sustainable aviation fuels on hand on the market. This initiative will enhance the building of SAF in Canada.”