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Leveraging Shippeo’s proper-time records and superior transportation visibility expertise, Unipart Logistics has enhanced its Lead Logistics Accomplice (LLP) ability to allow customers to better say up suppliers all the plan thru avenue, sea, and air logistics, along with to warehousing and in-plant logistics. This empowers them to originate resilience and decrease environmental impact all the plan thru their global provide chain network.

Shippeo aggregates the industry’s excellent global dataset, facilitating brilliant routing choices all the plan thru different modes of transportation worldwide.


By smarter carrier routing and management, ETA calculation, and in-transit management solutions, Shippeo will provide proper-time insights, empowering customers of the LLP to bolster provide chain resilience and sustainability, all while prioritising customer-centric operations. LLP customers will also impact live insights into inventory, costs, OTIF, and scope 3 CO2 emissions all the plan thru the provide chain, equipping logistics leaders with actionable records to drive urged industry choices. This continuous monitoring offers early signals for provide chain considerations and enables proactive mitigation or avoidance of disruptions.‍

Stuart Morrison, Shippeo Vice President, Northern Europe, said: “Welcoming Unipart to Shippeo strengthens our UK presence and aligns with our shared imaginative and prescient for efficient, customer-centric, and sustainable provide chains. Their commitment to innovation and operational excellence perfectly complements Shippeo’s proper-time visibility platform. We’re confident that our platform will empower Unipart to toughen their LLP platform, providing proper-time visibility and motivate watch over to administer their customer’s provide chain, boost pleasure, and develop their sustainability targets. This partnership underscores our dedication to UK companies and the increasing assign a matter to for proper-time transportation visibility solutions.”


Lee Fox, Sector Blueprint and Switch Pattern Director for LLP at Unipart, added: “Two depended on brands working in partnership delivering the whole quit to whole provide chain solution is essential to the success of any customer’s provide chain. The need for proper time visibility matched with the working out and journey of Unipart’s LLP offering snarl’s an efficient and sustainable solution”.

“The records that the Shippeo machine offers no longer handiest advantages the LLP and its customers for operational motivate watch over, management and provide chain improvements but additionally supports and focuses all of our efforts on the need for a sustainable future.”‍