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On on the present time’s episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!? Dooner is talking just a few vacation season with out a high season. We’ll uncover why transportation leaders quiz a vulnerable Q4 and what they’re asserting about it this week.

Did you hear there used to be a domestic dog playpen at F3 and any individual paid your total adoption bills? Sean Laidacker from Loyalty Logistics is right here to chat about why he liberated the puppies, what’s upright at Loyalty Logistics and develop the steady Thanksgiving mocktail.

Trauxit’s Joe Stevens and Kevin O’Brien focus on how they’re paying carriers 7.5% more on reasonable. We’ll be taught the easiest way the Trauxit platform is empowering each shippers and carriers.

GLCS’ Nate Johnson shares suggestions on navigating contentious carrier and dealer relationships.

Truck Sails’ Gayle Campbell-Andrus and Paul Andrus yelp us how truck sails work, what they effect, how they amplify mileage and what the science is within the attend of them.

Plus, gift card scams, how now to not tow a trailer, vacation gift suggestions, Vegas F1 disorders and more.

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