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All over the final 20 months, SWISS has equipped its entire fleet of Boeing 777-300ER prolonged-haul fashions with AeroSHARK know-how. The film applied to the fuselage and engines nacelles the aerodynamically favorable properties of sharkskin, lowering gas consumption and CO2 emissions for the length of flight.

On 14 October 2022, the arena’s first passenger flight with AeroSHARK took off at 1:39 PM from Zurich to Miami. A few year and a half of later, on 9 May perhaps presumably 2024, at 2:21 PM, a SWISS Boeing B777-300ER (registration HB-JNF) in “sharkskin” took off from Zurich – as soon as extra to Miami. With the implementation of this modern know-how on HB-JNF, all the fleet of this prolonged-haul mannequin at SWISS is now equipped with AeroSHARK.


The clear film has a structure equivalent to that of sharkskin. On yarn of this special ground texture, frictional resistance is diminished for the length of flight. Consequently, in 2023, SWISS become as soon as in a position to bear significant financial savings in kerosene and CO2 emissions with a fleet that become as soon as now now not but fully equipped. “We’re very delighted with the consequences to this point and proud to be the principle airline worldwide to equip a entire fleet with AeroSHARK,” says SWISS Head of Technical Like a flash Management Claus Bauer.

From now on, SWISS will place gas on every single flight with every of its twelve Boeing 777-300ER plane. Right here is one in every of diverse measures the airline is taking to bear flying extra sustainable.

SWISS objectives to halve its collect CO2 emissions by 2030 in contrast to 2019 and strives to bear CO2 neutrality by 2050. Among assorted things, it plans to bear this by investments in sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), that are comprised of biogenic shatter. SWISS already uses SAF and, along with the Lufthansa Neighborhood, is dedicated to further compare and testing of these fuels.


AeroSHARK is a ground know-how developed by Lufthansa Technik and the chemical company BASF that lets in a reduction in CO2 emissions. SWISS is examining the probability of equipping assorted plane kinds in its prolonged-haul fleet with this know-how.

SWISS Boeing fleet fully equipped with AeroSHARK”: explore video online

Dayna Harap