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Skytanking started working its appreciate personalized-constructed electric excessive-dash with the stream hydrant fuel dispensers for fuelling operations at Brussels Airport. These electric dispensers, with a first-rate-generation customary excessive-performance electrical chassis, had been delivered on April 26 and are outmoded to order aviation fuel from the underground hydrant machine into the airplane. These original electric fuel dispensers are a major enchancment for the native atmosphere by device of noise and exhaust gases.

The Stargate carrying out, an EU Inexperienced Deal carrying out led by Brussels Airport to implement innovative solutions to inexperienced the airport trade, is constantly researching original systems to additional decarbonize floor going via actions. In 2022, Stargate-accomplice Skytanking started an intensive take a look at interval with two fleshy electric hydrant fuel dispensers at Brussels Airport. These transformed diesel to electrically pushed, made-to-measure autos of Turkish Gasoline Services had been of Belgian construct and had been being examined to achieve the fundamental insights into the energy consumption in the impartial of the airplane model, practical distance per motion on the airport, and climate stipulations.


After these winning assessments at Brussels Airport, Skytanking developed, in cooperation with Atcomex BV and Fuso, the 100% electric hydrant fuel dispensers. These are constructed on an long-established electric chassis to allow for easy reproducibility on a global level while assuring the excellent level of security.

“These electric hydrant fuel dispensers are snort-of-the-artwork and personalized-made, adapted with the insights supplied by the assessments,” says Skytanking President Amir Ibrahim. “The original autos exhaust on the least two times much less energy than the instruments examined last year, contributing actively to the discount of CO2 emissions and noise, making them environmentally friendly and consumer-friendly, which is fundamental for both the native atmosphere and the floor going via team.”

“The aim of the Stargate carrying out is to investigate original technologies and innovations that can produce your complete European airport and aviation trade more sustainable,” says Sylvie Van den Eynde, Chief HR & Corporate Affairs Officer, Brussels Airport Company.

“These innovative original autos are a the biggest step in decarbonising all floor going via autos. The outcomes of our Stargate initiatives will allow for replications of the identical principles and initiatives at varied airports at some stage in Europe, even previous the scope of the initial programme.”


Skytanking is the first to operate this first generation of business lithium battery hydrant dispensers, which will address excessive dash with the stream rates and are made the utilization of a outmoded industrial chassis, on a European airport of this dimension. The aim is to deploy the dispensers to fuel 15 to 25 airplane a day with one single designate per car.