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Brussels Airport and Stargate EU Green Deal venture companions VIL and DHL are at this time testing a hydrogen refuelling save and a hydrogen-powered Mulag at Brussels Airport.

This hydrogen pilot for floor handling, a predominant for the airport, ought to give the total enthusiastic companions insights into the functionality of hydrogen as a change gasoline. Actual luxuriate in electric floor handling instruments, the exhaust of hydrogen vastly reduces both emissions and noise affect of floor operations.


Earlier this month, a cell hydrogen refuelling save used to be installed on the tarmac at Brussels Airport by VIL, in collaboration with WaterstofNet, to test hydrogen as a gasoline for floor handling operations. This pilot is piece of the Stargate venture, a venture of Brussels Airport with a consortium of 21 companions, to form modern alternatives for sustainable airports and aviation.

DHL is testing the major hydrogen prototype for floor handling operations, a Mulag towing tractor with an integrated hydrogen gasoline cell machine. The towing tractor for the transport and loading of cargo, is refuelled with hydrogen the utilization of the cell save on living. The fueling and operations are conducted by expert and licensed operators, because the venture involves complete coaching for customers, logistics managers, mechanics, fireplace brigade, and smartly being and security personnel.

Hydrogen and electrical energy as alternatives for floor handling

The goal of this pilot is to evaluate the functionality of hydrogen as a change gasoline for floor handling instruments, subsequent to electric floor handling instruments, and to possess insight into the specified procedures to make exhaust of this gasoline at an airport. This test will relief as a mannequin for other accomplice airports all the procedure in which throughout the Stargate venture, offering treasured insights into enable application processes, security requirements, and operational experiences for all airport companions. The test will scuttle for six weeks, until June 27th.


Actual luxuriate in electric floor handling instruments, hydrogen fuelled vehicles wouldn’t have any CO2-emissions and noise affect, which advantages both native residents and airport personnel. One amongst the advantages of hydrogen is that vehicles will most seemingly be fuelled straight away, which will most seemingly be appealing for clear operations and makes them much less depending on the electrical energy grid. This initiative is a chief step in the direction of the broader adoption of hydrogen skills in aviation, paving the capacity for a more sustainable future.