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This week, they’ve marked a certain event for aviation and animal welfare enthusiasts. Two charming pygmy hippos from the Seville Zoo embarked on a major crawl aboard an A321F freighter by Lufthansa Cargo, travelling from Madrid to Frankfurt en path to their fresh home in Mumbai, India.

Transporting animals, particularly unparalleled species like pygmy hippos, requires unparalleled care and loyal coordination. The flight, expertly handled by a loyal team led by Antonio J. Dinis Queiros in Spain, showcased meticulous plspecialisedspecialized instruments designed to make certain the protection and luxury of these unparalleled passengers.

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“This week, we had some outstanding visitors on our A321F freighter flight from Madrid to Frankfurt: two pygmy hippos from the Seville Zoo were being transported to Mumbai, India,” said Lufthansa Cargo.

The welfare of the hippos turned into the operation’s paramount topic. To field up for their crawl, the team applied plenty of measures:

  • Customised Crates: Designed to suit the particular needs of pygmy hippos, these crates present fetch and blissful enclosures.
  • Temperature Reduction a watch on: The freighter turned into geared up with local weather tackle a watch on systems to defend an optimum atmosphere, mirroring the hippos’ natural habitat.
  • Veterinary Oversight: Veterinary experts monitored the hippos’ successfully being at some level of the transport, ensuring they remained stress-free and healthy.

This unparalleled flight is fragment of the continuing operations of the A321F freighter, which flies from Madrid to Frankfurt each Wednesday and Saturday. By connecting Spain to an limitless world network, the service aims to meet the needs of Spanish customers and enhance logistic capabilities within the declare.

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Pygmy Hippos rob flight from Madrid to Frankfurt / Photo by Lufthansa Community

Jason Heien