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With the inauguration of its freighter immediate, working its first commercial charter flight and rising its network and infrastructure, WestJet Cargo experienced a busy 2023, with the crew alive to to take care of up that vitality going sooner or later of this yr.

“Our most important areas of focal point for 2024 trust imposing a digital roadmap, which encompasses bettering online marketplaces, unveiling a brand new web page, and utilising developed technologies to make stronger effectivity and restore supply within WestJet Cargo’s operations,” Kirsten de Bruijn, WestJet Cargo’s Executive Vice President, stated.

WestJet Cargo has expanded its air cargo product portfolio thru the introduction of revolutionary initiatives such as Bike’Air and Find’Air. This diversification targets to manage with the loads of wants of patrons. The airline specialises in transporting high heed merchandise, encompassing luxury items, prescribed capsules, electronics, and precious commodities.

This area of interest requires specialised going thru and stringent security measures to impress sure the safety of these high-heed objects. WestJet Cargo plays a pivotal position in the transportation of perishables, together with fruits, vegetables, seafood, and temperature-sensitive merchandise. Rigorous measures are implemented to take care of up optimum going thru and temperature take care of an eye on sooner or later of the transportation direction of, retaining the freshness of perishable objects.

The airline extends its companies and products to the automotive items sector, overlaying the transportation of aspects, substances, and autos. Given the genuine necessities of this commerce, WestJet Cargo emphasises specialised going thru and care to assert catch and timely supply.

The firm caters to the wants of the vitality commerce by providing transportation strategies for oil and gasoline (O&G) equipment. This involves the transportation of equipment, instruments, and substances compulsory for diverse phases of oil and gasoline exploration, manufacturing, and distribution.

In summary, WestJet Cargo’s diverse air cargo product portfolio is meticulously tailored to fulfill the actual calls for of diverse sectors, ensuring setting pleasant, catch, and specialised transportation companies and products.

“In 2024, WestJet Cargo plans to diversify its product mix by introducing new air cargo merchandise customised to fulfill the evolving calls for of our customers,” de Bruijn explained.

“These merchandise would possibly well possibly well moreover cater to command industries or cargo kinds, such as temperature-controlled initiating for perishables, catch going thru for high-heed objects, or expedited companies and products for time-sensitive shipments. “The airline intends to lengthen into new markets and industries, doubtlessly focused on area of interest sectors indulge in healthcare, e-commerce, automotive, or aerospace, which provide divulge alternatives.

“By providing specialised companies and products tailored to those sectors, we goal to develop our customer wrong and capture further market half.

“Additionally, the airline plans to make stronger its product mix thru partnerships and collaborations with varied firms, together with logistics suppliers, technology firms, or commerce consultants. Leveraging their abilities and capabilities, WestJet Cargo seeks to provide revolutionary strategies and heed-added companies and products to its customers.”

Enlargement and partnerships

For the length of 2023, WestJet Cargo vastly expanded its network and infrastructure. It opened 24 warehouses and 14 freighter going thru stations, contributing to a filled with Forty five diverse destinations all the draw thru the realm. This expansion included connecting smaller provinces indulge in Halifax to major cities such as Paris, France, and Narita, Japan.

“WestJet Cargo augmented its cargo means by initiating new routes and rising flight frequencies. Notable developments included the introduction of a weekly flight to Havana with a cargo strategy of 20 tonnes and multiple weekly flights to Puerto Plata, Kingston, and Bridgetown, every with a two-tonne cargo means,” de Bruijn highlighted.

“Strategic partnerships hold been instrumental in WestJet Cargo’s success by providing rep admission to to new markets, bettering carrier capabilities, optimising operations, and fostering innovation. By persevering with to domesticate and enhance these partnerships, WestJet Cargo can hold its divulge trajectory and dwell a key player in the global airfreight sector.”

Digital developments

Digitalisation aligns with WestJet Cargo’s targets for enhanced effectivity and provide by modernising its operational processes thru automation, reducing manual tasks and kinds, and optimising workflows. Via digitisation, the airline can streamline cargo circulation by automating tasks indulge in booking, monitoring, and documentation, minimising inefficiencies alongside the draw.

Additionally, digitalisation enables WestJet Cargo to gain and analyse data, empowering them to impress rapid choices and pressure continuous divulge. By harnessing insights from digital platforms, the airline can name trends, optimise routes, allocate resources successfully, and proactively tackle operational challenges, now not straight away leading to improved effectivity and restore supply in step with its targets.

“The digital roadmap holds most important importance for WestJet Cargo’s divulge because it represents a strategic technique to leveraging digital technology and online platforms to make stronger the airline’s operations, customer trip, and market presence,” de Bruijn explained.

“Imposing digital strategies enables WestJet Cargo to streamline processes, automate tasks, and optimise resource allocation.”

By digitising diverse beneficial properties of its operations, such as booking, monitoring, and documentation, the airline can enhance effectivity, cut manual errors, and make stronger overall productiveness. “A sturdy digital platform enables WestJet Cargo to supply customers a seamless and particular person-pleasant trip.

From online booking and cargo monitoring to self-carrier strategies and exact-time verbal substitute, the digital roadmap targets to provide customers with higher consolation, transparency, and take care of an eye on over their shipments.

“By strengthening its online presence and marketplace capabilities, WestJet Cargo can reach an spectacular broader viewers of attainable customers. An enhanced digital platform enables the airline to showcase its companies and products, promote offerings, and attract new commerce alternatives, both domestically and internationally.”