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BlueBox Programs

BlueBox Programs, one in every of the main builders of vivid air freight tracking alternatives, has won a singular customer for its insist-of-the-art air freight tracking programming interface: Logicsols.

The platform of the digital logistics solution provider from New York, USA, permits its clients to withhold a watch on their entire logistics operations, including functions luxuriate in cargo visibility, files diagnosis, and file legalization. Logicsols can now integrate BlueBox Programs’ tracking files into its have confidence platform and offers its clients even extra smartly suited files.

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The improved files availability has happy Saif Uddin, Digital Delivery Leader at Logicsols: “BlueBox Programs offers a noteworthy wider vary of files sides for air freight shipments when in contrast to other companies.” This entails right-time predicament updates, weather affect files and capability delays ensuing from customs clearance, as an example.

BlueBox Programs boasts a comprehensive international community for air freight tracking and delivers tracking files of extra than 130 airways, 1600 airports and about 40 million build updates per day, which is one other space off of Logicsols to settle the Bonn-based firm.

A third decisive ingredient is the unheard of files quality. “Right here is terribly crucial for us, so we can offer our clients a favorable and staunch portray of their air freight actions”, says Saif Uddin. “We’ve also have faith BlueBox Programs thanks to its proven display screen file and its strong standing interior the air freight trade.” One other advantage: the seamless API integration.

Attributable to the API solution, the capabilities of BlueBox Programs and Logicsols can talk independently and trade files in right-time. This allows clients to realize crucial files about ETA adjustments or delays. Carriers place secure admission to to particular-time cargo files to optimize routes, lower prices and allocate resources effectively. Producers can secure up-to-date cargo tracking files to devise production and proactively put collectively stock.

All parties alongside the provision chain can retrieve the latest and effectively smartly suited files. On the an analogous time, the API solution ensures discontinuance-to-discontinuance files security by offering controlled files secure admission to allowing handiest licensed parties to secure admission to and exhaust shared files, safeguarding sensitive cargo particulars and declaring the provision chain integrity.

“Our sturdy API permits for swift and straight forward integration, empowering trade with right-time air and ocean freight visibility,” says Martin Schulze, CEO of BlueBox Programs. “We present a user-friendly and efficient API integration that ensures a soundless files hotfoot with the circulation and minimizes technical challenges for our clients.”

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Logicsols is one in every of many companies luxuriate in Siemens Digital Alternatives, 4Flow, Thinkprime, Klog or Otonomi, who’re already successfully using the API solution of BlueBox Programs and offer their clients unequalled files quality.