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Etihad Cargo introduces chilly dollies to toughen chilly chain capabilities

Etihad Cargo, the cargo and logistics arm of Etihad Airways, has enhanced its Abu Dhabi tarmac transportation instant with the addition of high-tech chilly dollies.The introduction of chilly dollies for the transportation of pharmaceutical and perishable shipments will enable the carrier to fully entire its temperature-controlled chilly chain capabilities at its Abu Dhabi hub.

In partnership with Etihad Airport Companies and products Cargo, Etihad Cargo has added devoted chilly dollies for pharmaceutical and perishable merchandise to provide maximum security to the carrier’s partners and customers at every stage of the handling direction of.

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The specialised containers will provide a closed, temperature-controlled gadget to be obvious that the legit and seamless transportation of high-rate and temperature-honest pharmaceutical cargo between the carrier’s aircraft and inform-of-the-artwork chilly chain warehouse.

Thomas Schürmann, Head of Cargo Operations & Shipping at Etihad Cargo, stated: “Etihad Cargo is committed to the safe, legit and tough transportation of temperature-honest cargo via its IATA CEIV Pharma-certified PharmaLife and IATA CEIV Contemporary-certified merchandise. Fragment of this dedication is guaranteeing cargo is transported between the aircraft and chilly chain facilities as instant as doable and mitigating the hazards linked to outside and environmental stipulations in the future of the cargo’s dash.

Etihad Cargo and Etihad Airport Companies and products Cargo like partnered to introduce devoted chilly dollies at the carrier’s Abu Dhabi Airport hub to minimise the time that temperature-honest cargo is exposed to external components, corresponding to high temperatures. These specialised containers no longer only preserve an eye on the temperature but furthermore enable Etihad Cargo to rep admission to the files records, offering Etihad Cargo increased visibility of this Crucial Have an eye on Exhibit minimize, rep rid of and discontinue hazards.”

Naresh Ranganathan, Acting Vice President Cargo at Etihad Airport Companies and products Cargo, stated: “We recognise the significance of a secured chilly chain, and the request from our airline and its customers to be obvious that their shipments are safe in the future of their transit thru Abu Dhabi World Airport. Subsequently, we are very overjoyed to introduce these chilly dollies, that will, in the preliminary section, be ragged solely to transfer pharmaceutical and perishable merchandise to and from the aircraft from our cargo facilities. As a CEIV Pharma and Contemporary-certified cargo handler, this further reiterates our dedication to offering simplest-in-class products and companies to be obvious that the safe and efficient carriage of pharmaceuticals thru our airport.”

The chilly dollies could maybe maybe be location to a unfold of temperatures wherever between +2 and +25 levels Celsius, and an in-constructed dread gadget sends signals if the temperature fluctuates previous the placement parameters. Offering high insulating ability, a refrigeration cell made with a single-portion fibreglass panel, and reinforced wall, roof and floor panels, the inform-of-the-artwork chilly dollies provide a more tough temperature-controlled transportation resolution. The chilly dollies furthermore show a greener need, promising a long isolation cell life and straightforward and low-rate upkeep and greatly decreasing total consumption, gasoline prices and environmental affect as a outcomes of fewer thermal dispersion functions and the dollies’ high thermal insulation and UV reflection properties.

Schürmann outlined: “By offering a truly temperature-controlled resolution, Etihad Cargo will enable customers and partners to minimize risks, as cargo would possibly be exposed to the substances for absolutely the minimal length of time. With these brand-recent chilly dollies, Etihad Cargo is bridging the last hole in its worldwide chilly chain offering by offering continuity and balance with developed temperature-controlled solutions in the future of primarily the most severe step of air cargo transportation.”

Since launching PharmaLife, Etihad Cargo has introduced several functions and initiatives to toughen the carrier’s chilly chain capabilities. This latest addition follows the introduction of devoted thermal covers and the start of a inform-of-the-artwork chilly chain facility at Abu Dhabi Airport. Established in partnership with Etihad Airport Companies and products Cargo and Abu Dhabi Airports, the recent facility has doubled Etihad Cargo’s chilly chain ability to elevate and accommodate an further 50,000 tonnes of chilly chain commodities, including pharmaceuticals and life sciences merchandise. The pharma hub will enhance the growing worldwide healthcare and life sciences request and is in stout alignment with Abu Dhabi’s vision to construct the emirate as a world pharmaceuticals and life sciences hub.

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Etihad Cargo has furthermore refurbished its perishables handling and storage facility. The carrier has a 3,000-square-metre devoted perishables temperature-controlled warehouse comprising three chilly rooms (2-8 levels Celsius). Etihad Cargo’s enhanced FreshForward centre offers smoother transfers to its FreshForward truck instant when merchandise must be delivered in the UAE or handed over to the consignee at Abu Dhabi Airport, making the discontinue-to-discontinue dash of perishables more uncomplicated and safer.