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Embraer indicators MoU with AICAT to rob cooperation with Austrian Aerospace

Embraer and AICAT (Austrian Industrial Cooperation & Aviation Skills) this day signed a Memorandum of Thought to reinforce world cooperation in the aerospace sector.

The cooperation adds to Embraer’s existing relationships in Austria while exploring further opportunities equivalent to joint be taught, know-how pattern, and contributions from the Austrian ecosystem to the provision chain of the Embraer plane packages. AICAT is a company that is an element of the Austrian Federal Financial Chamber (WKO) and represents the complete aviation know-how crew in Austria.

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”For AICAT, an association representing about 100 Austrian aviation firms, most of which may per chance perhaps perhaps per chance be SMEs and space themselves in the provision chain, an intensified cooperation with Embraer underpinned by an MoU is a nice alternative and can attend each Embraer and the Austrian Aeronautical sector, setting up a more structured collaboration for their mutual support”, says Reinhard Marak, CEO of AICAT.

“Embraer and Austria were building a protracted-term relationship for a protracted time, and this partnership will proceed to plot with the fresh Memorandum of Thought. We thank AICAT, the agencies, and the Austrian executive representatives for this crucial step in our partnership,” says Marcio Monteiro, Market Intelligence Vice-President of Embraer Protection & Security.

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The announcement took set at Embraer headquarters in São José dos Campos. After the ceremony, representatives from Austrian aerospace firms and the Austrian Government had the choice to meet Embraer consultants in diverse applied sciences to uncover possibilities for cooperation.