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In practically 250 years of service, the U.S. Postal Service has tried out ratings of vehicles and suggestions of transport. Some of essentially the most extraordinary ones have been experiments and innovations of the leisurely 1800s via the mid-1900s.

In digging via the archives of the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum, we chanced on attention-grabbing images of these innovations.

Test out one of the most vital extraordinary ways the US delivered mail motivate within the day.

vintage photo handing over mail UPSPS 1885
In 1885, letter carriers in cities ancient handcarts to get and lift mail. (Picture: National Postal Museum)
Post role of job streetcar USPS 1900
In 1900, the Railway Post Utter of business streetcar became as soon as ancient to traipse each passengers and mail. This one in particular traveled between Charlestown and Post Utter of business Square in Boston. (Picture: National Postal Museum)
horse and carriage delivers mail in 1905 USPS
Rural Free Initiating became as soon as a program that helped lift mail in an instant to rural areas. Carriers bask in this one, photographed in 1905, ancient horse-drawn wagons. (Picture: National Postal Museum)
horse and carriage delivers mail in 1905 USPS
One other Rural Free Initiating service is featured here in 1905, alongside with his two-wheeled mail cart and patrons. (Picture: National Postal Museum)
historical car 1906 mail truck transport
In urban areas, in most cases letter carriers traveled with shrunk drivers. This photo, taken in 1906, featured a U.S. Mail truck with a letter service from the Postal Service retrieving mail. The driver became as soon as no longer concept of as a put up role of job employee. (Picture: National Postal Museum)
J.N. Teal ferry that delivered mail on Columbia River in Oregon 1911
Even boats have been ancient to traipse mail within the early twentieth century. Here’s the J.N. Teal, whose route ran the Columbia River in Oregon in 1911. (Picture: National Postal Museum)
Three wheeled 1912 Indian bike vintage handing over mail postal service
Three-wheeled Indian bikes also confirmed up around this time within the Postal Service on an experimental basis easiest in Washington. This photo is on the nook of Pennsylvania Avenue and 12th road in 1912. (Picture: National Postal Museum)
Horse and wagons lift mail in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1913 vintage
Parcel Post Service also ancient wagons. Here’s a bunch of carriers with Knoxville, Tennessee, Postmaster Cary F. Spence in 1913. (Picture: National Postal Museum)
dog sled handing over mail in Alaska in 1913 vintage
Dogs sleds on the complete delivered mail in norther choices of the US and Alaska throughout wintery prerequisites. Here’s an unidentified man alongside with his dog personnel resting for the duration of transport between Susitna and Seward, Alaska in 1913 (Picture: National Postal Museum)
Early airplanes delivered mail in 1918 vintage USPS
Lt. Torrey Webb grabs a catch of letters from Novel York Postmaster Thomas G. Patten to lift via airmail in 1918. (Picture: National Postal Museum)

Study extra about the harmful job of handing over mail by air within the early twentieth century.

Snow customized Mannequin T 1926 mail transport vintage
This extraordinary car became as soon as improvised by the service himself, Lloyd Mortice, for more straightforward commute in snowy prerequisites in Novel England. He fitted a Mannequin T with tracks on the rear pressure shaft so he might perhaps perhaps perhaps fall wheels or skis in front in 1926. (Picture: National Postal Museum)
bus mail transport vintage Virginia 1941
In 1941, the principle Toll road Post Utter of business bus became as soon as inaugurated in Strasburg, Virginia, attributable to a decline in bus passengers attributable to the rising reputation of trains. This became as soon as the principle bus ancient for postal transport and traveled between Washington and Harrisonburg, Virginia. (Picture: National Postal Museum)
air airplane mail cargo vintage 1946
The experimental Trans World Airlines Skymaster became as soon as an plane that allowed for onboard mail sorting and routing in 1946. The root became as soon as based entirely on operations ancient by the Railway Post Utter of business, but standing on a airplane to work proved powerful extra refined than on a prepare and the program did no longer come to fruition. (Picture: National Postal Museum)
mail truck transport in 1954 vintage snow fall
Attempting closer to nowadays’s Postal Service transport trucks, this letter service delivers mail in a snow fall in 1954. The van became as soon as painted with the blue and white coloration arrangement we all know nowadays, with a middle crimson stripe setting apart the colors. (Picture: National Postal Museum)
Mailster three wheel car handing over mail in 1955 vintage
The extraordinary-taking a look “mailster” became as soon as ancient to lift mail for the duration of a growth in letter sending after World Battle II in 1955. Nonetheless, prerequisites wanted to be perfect to characteristic with even terrain, and the car on the complete tipped over when turning at extra than 25 mph and even in tough wind. (Picture: National Postal Museum)

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