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Since 1 June 2024, Dr Jan-Wilhelm Breithaupt has been the fresh Chief Executive Officer of Jettainer. Together along with his predecessor Thomas Sonntag, who’s leaving the Lufthansa Neighborhood at his hold search recordsdata from on 1 July, he on the spot at air cargo China about previous and future trends of the global leader in Unit Load Instrument (ULD) administration services, which is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this yr.

The skilled air cargo executive, Dr Jan-Wilhelm Breithaupt, became most honest lately liable for global fulfilment administration at Lufthansa Cargo and is, therefore, well familiar with Jettainer’s expert ULD administration services from the client facet. He has a proven note file on main digitalization initiatives all the map thru the Lufthansa Neighborhood reminiscent of Mobile Boarding Tear, 100% digital Airway Invoice and ONE Epic.


He thanked Thomas Sonntag for his achievements as CEO since 2019 and announced: “With a colossal crew and a global community, Jettainer is thoroughly positioned in the global market. We can now proceed to force ahead digital transformation and further give a lift to the effectivity of our services for our global prospects.”

Secret of the success of Jettainer

Dr Jan-Wilhelm Breithaupt shared that the fundamental of success is a colossal crew. Breithaupt added that Jettainer is a company with Twenty years of historic previous.


“That is a basis with very skilled colleagues. They are truly expert. I judge the fundamental industry mannequin and the products we provide are thoroughly-positioned. Nonetheless it with out a doubt’s the identical with the slump. You is also ahead or on the identical level as one more person, nonetheless in the event you quit, the diversified one is passing by. So we have to work on it consistently to be greater each day. This would possibly possibly occasionally also be a challenge, nonetheless we are fundamentally well-positioned.

Dayna Harap