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DHL Particular Boing 777

DHL Aviation has signed a brand fresh multi-one year contract with Worldwide Flight Services (WFS), a member of the SATS Community, to management freight at its airport stations in France.

This renewed partnership extends the two companies’ 14-one year relationship in France and demonstrates DHL’s persevered self assurance in WFS. DHL signed its first freight handling contract with WFS in Paris in 2010.

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The DHL CDG HUB is crucial in DHL’s air logistics intention. Geared up with unique amenities and a subsequent-generation cargo sorter, it guarantees the continual and immediate handling of packages. For the time being, the CDG HUB presents strategic air links with numerous DHL hub areas within and out of doorways Europe, equivalent to Leipzig and Brussels airports and Casablanca, Morocco.

To boot, WFS manages onboard truck freight companies and products for the CDG HUB from Leipzig and Brussels, as smartly as freight reception parts for DHL Aviation all the plan through France, including Orly, Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Basle-Mulhouse and Nice.

Laurent Bernard, VP of Cargo France at WFS, explains: “DHL is a chief buyer of WFS in Paris and all the plan through our community in France. Our solid partnership and this extension of our warehouse contract clearly demonstrate that our provider performance satisfies DHL’s high requirements. Declaring this contract is extremely crucial to our alternate in France and can support demonstrate WFS’ capabilities to DHL for wider partnership increase all the plan through our global community in the slay.”

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“We’re proud to give continuity to an operational and alternate partnership that has labored smartly for years and with mutual pleasure. We deserve to thank John Batten (CEO EMEAA at WFS) and his complete workgroup of consultants for the quality work performed up to now and heaps more for the upper work we can originate in the slay,” Filippo Capogreco, VP of DHL Aviation, added.

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