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In a latest roundtable dialogue, Gabriela Hiitola, Senior Vice President of Finnair Cargo, mentioned the huge impact of the Russian airspace closure on the airline’s operations, giving an huge insight into how airlines possess navigated this hectic length.

Evaluating and adapting

The airspace closure fundamentally disrupted Finnair’s strategic routes, compelling the airline to reassess and regulate its operational methodology .


“The Russian airspace closure had a really immense impact on Finnair. It has impacted Finnair the most amongst European airlines because Asia became our focal level level and the technique of Finnair,” Hiitola said.

“We were evaluating the bid and the approach. We made up our minds that we’re now not going to lose Asia. Now we possess gigantic clients, now we possess gigantic carrier. Furthermore, from the cargo level of sight, now we possess gigantic merchandise, and we need to proceed to fly to Asia.”

Regardless of shedding its veteran routes attributable to the airspace closure, Finnair has remained operational and committed to the Asian market.

“We suitable need to find a more balanced network in the wake of the Russian airspace closure,” Hiitola explained.

“Now we possess misplaced our aggressive income to others, but we’re mild working. Asia is mild there for us, and now we possess an total bunch clients there. So, we’re mild here.”

COVID-19 and closures

When evaluating the impact of COVID-19 with the closure of Russian airspace, Hiitola supplied a nuanced standpoint.

“Many folks think that Covid became the worst, but Covid became a time-diminutive discipline that in a roundabout intention ended,” she great.

“With the Russian airspace closure, we don’t see the terminate in sight… It has very much impacted our industry prognosis. The uncertainty of the airspace closure is much worse for us.”

Having a peep forward

Regardless of these challenges, Finnair continues to strategise for the long bustle. Hiitola highlighted ongoing efforts to preserve and develop its presence in Asia, emphasising the importance of flexibility and swift motion in overcoming obstacles.


“We’re consistently re-evaluating our network and attempting to search out programs to optimise our routes and services to meet the wants of our clients,” she added.

Caitlin DiMare-Oliver