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In this model: Fraud takes no breaks for the holidays, it takes a great deal of semi-trucks to switch Thanksgiving, and numerous corporations can profit from the parcel fee wars.

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It’s the halt of the year and with it comes a more laissez-faire technique to work — one thing that hackers and thieves are hoping to profit on.

The newest trick is a phishing email on behalf of what appears to be DAT, the loadboard we all contain varying emotions about. The e mail looks to be like like it’s a Carrier411 FreightGuard narrate that requests that the actual person respond to at Appears to be like legit trusty? Unsuitable. DAT’s trusty net web page online is

Customarily the plan is to salvage your login knowledge on the fake DAT net web page online so that the actual person doing the phishing can then log in to your DAT fable and dealer hundreds that draw beneath a faux Motor Provider number. At the possibility of sounding love IT, test who emails are from and when you occur to salvage one thing with a hyperlink on it, perchance don’t click on the hyperlink and in its put aside scurry to the secure web page online straight.

Whereas fraud on load boards is at an all-time high, this could well dwell a team technique to halt fraud from winning on the halt of the day. Annabel Reeves said in a FreightWaves article, “If prospects declare they’ve obtained a phishing email impersonating DAT or mediate their DAT credentials were compromised they must serene reach out to their buyer service division trusty away and narrate the wicked actor. She furthermore quick they ship a screenshot of the message to buyer service and no longer ahead the trusty phishing email to them.”

Also predominant to point to: DAT has enabled multifactor authentication for logins on its accounts.


It’s Thanksgiving this week and as we all prepare to spend our weight in food and tumble asleep to the sounds of relatives shouting on the soccer game, it raises the demand of: How many pounds of turkey are eaten? Let’s uncover.

Based entirely totally on the Nationwide Turkey Federation, bigger than 46 million turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving. The U.S. Department of Agriculture says the average turkey weighs 16-18 pounds on the shop. So 46 million turkeys multiplied by 18 pounds is 828 million pounds of turkey each and every year that Americans spend on the holiday. That interprets to about 20,700 semi-trucks loaded to 40,000 pounds apiece to salvage simply the first dish on the Thanksgiving table.

If we division out to the aspects, which let’s be trusty generally are better than the chook, it gets a little bit more insane. Based entirely totally on Ocean Spray, Americans spend 80 million pounds of cranberries plus 5 million gallons of jellied cranberry sauce, which breaks out to about 3,482 trucks loaded at 40,000 pounds. Sweet potato consumption, in accordance with, comes to about 2.4 billion pounds or about 60,000 trucks. And what’s Thanksgiving with out the iconic pumpkin pie? About 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkin in actuality, which breaks all the scheme down to 37,500 trucks.

All informed, to salvage a section of Thanksgiving introduced to grocery retail outlets, it takes 121,682 trucks.

Market Check. The Houston market has skilled solid quantity express in November, alongside side in the past week as volumes contain grown by 8.19% week over week (w/w). Rejection charges largely haven’t reacted to the higher volumes as carriers are accepting over 98% of tendered freight. Tender rejection charges in Houston are down simply 9 foundation points in the past week, currently at 1.69%. Plight charges out of Houston are largely decrease w/w, in accordance with FreightWaves TRAC location charges, alongside side from Houston to Chicago, where the location fee is down 2.4% at $1.66 per mile.

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Who’s with whom? It appears simplest becoming that the final month of 2023 outcomes in a fee war between FedEx and UPS. Of us that are doughty adequate to learn the honest facts of parcel charges salvage themselves in a varied uncover 22 situation as FedEx and UPS fight for industry. Every carrier has been aggressively passing off deeply discounted charges for parcel freight with a view to opt up serve industry. For UPS, the goal is to opt up serve industry that left from the union dispute fallout, whereas FedEx goals to opt up serve any industry that left for UPS after the fallout.

The explicit allotment? The reductions aren’t reserved for mega-shippers. Factual about any dimension industry can grab fair appropriate thing relating to the aggressive price drops. What a vacation miracle as shippers detect to diminish serve on spending.

That said, in case your UPS and FedEx sales reps weren’t hounding you adequate, imagine the financial savings that is possible to be had must serene a dealer or 3PL attain some contract negotiations about this time to location itself up for a a hit year. The prospects with a bulk amount of parcel delivery would no question love to grab fair appropriate thing about some deep reductions for so long as conceivable.

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