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CargoAi, the industry’s fastest-increasing digital enabler, is overjoyed to speak the originate of its most modern innovative characteristic, Allotment, which simplifies & automates batch pre-reserving & portion for odd air cargo across more than 40 airways across over 130 nations. This fresh addition to CargoAi’s entire digital ecosystem additional streamlines the operational reserving task for freight forwarders bright to get rid of handbook, repetitive projects and strengthen operators’ trip.

In an industry where effectivity and precision are paramount, CargoAi’s portion characteristic stands out by simplifying & automating the odd reserving of cargo dwelling, thus putting off the repetitive handbook cargo-by-cargo task and reducing the functionality for errors.


This cutting-edge characteristic permits freight forwarders to safe dwelling in batches on flights seamlessly, guaranteeing well timed and constant cargo deliveries. Thanks to their batch portion upload answer and instantaneous affirmation characteristic, the total task is diminished from days of wanting ahead to confirmations from more than one airways to just a few seconds.

The answer—already adopted by more than one shrimp and gigantic forwarders—affords a dawdle-and-play answer that integrates into present processes and helps reduce the operational workload by up to 99% for portion bookings.

“Now we were utilizing the CargoAi Pre-Reserving and Allotment characteristic since March 2024.

This has simplified our pre reserving  task and we acquire automatic acceptance affirmation on our bookings in a roundabout plot saving time for our operations. We also no longer contain to undergo in thoughts to lunge affirmation on pre-bookings”, stated Maxime Boucher, Chicago Export Gateway Supervisor at Flexport.

Forwarders, esteem Flexport, were praising the fresh answer around 4 main advantages:

  • Scuttle – Forwarders can pre-e-book their portion dwelling in batches in house of asking & chasing affirmation cargo per cargo, reducing the total operational task.
  • Autonomy – Forwarders fabricate preserve watch over over the portion reserving race in conjunction with the stream, including frequency, per airways’ reserving windows. This characteristic empowers customers to manage their bookings autonomously, with out reliance on intermediaries nor the must with out raze lunge affirmation.
  • Flexibility – Forwarders generate bookings straight from their CargoMART memoir with the capacity to modify or homicide as wished. Changes and cancellations are area to situations defined and agreed upon offering customers with the flexibleness to adapt to changing wants.
  • Traceability – Users can observe and price all portion bookings straight in-app and via electronic mail, guaranteeing beefy transparency and proper-time updates on cargo house.


CargoAi continues to space the benchmark for technological advancement within the freight industry. With portion, the corporate underscores its dedication to offering negate-of-the-art work solutions that meet the evolving wants of its customers. The characteristic is designed to mix seamlessly with present processes, offering a difficulty-free trip for freight forwarders’ operators.

“Our fresh Allotment characteristic represents a gigantic leap ahead in our mission to digitize and simplify the air cargo reserving task,” stated Matt Petot, CEO of CargoAi. “By automating dwelling bookings, we’re no longer most titillating saving time for our customers nevertheless also rising their operational effectivity. That is a game-changer for gigantic and medium-dimension freight forwarders who heavily rely on odd and first payment cargo dwelling.”