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In March, Brussels Airport all over again received greater than 1.7 million passengers, an construct greater of 9% in comparison with March 2023. The total volume of transported cargo lowered a runt bit by 2% to succeed in nearly 65,000 tonnes.

In March, Brussels Airport welcomed 1,742,478 passengers, 9% greater than in March 2023. The suspension of Tel Aviv-sure flights continued to dangle a negative affect on passenger numbers, though there was a minute resumption of flights in unhurried March.

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The strikes at Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa furthermore had a negative affect, as did the announcement of the strike at Brussels Airlines, which may perhaps perhaps perhaps in the break be averted.

The proportion of departing transfer passengers was nearly 17%, showing an construct greater in the fashion of intercontinental passengers.

The head 10 countries in March were Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, the United States, Turkey, the UK, Morocco and Portugal.

The first quarter of 2024 saw 4.7 million passengers, nearly 10% greater than in 2023. The proportion of transfer passengers thereby remained genuine with snort in intercontinental travellers and fewer intra-European travellers.

Total cargo volumes through Brussels Airport fell by 2% in March when in comparison with March 2023, reaching nearly 65,000 tonnes. Flown cargo volumes furthermore experienced a runt decline of nearly 2% to a entire of 54,000 tonnes.

There was a 5% decrease in the corpulent freighter phase, whereas belly cargo increased by 20%, per increasing ability in phrases of passenger flights. Particular services are down 9,% and trucked volumes are down 5%.

The first import regions are Asia, with a solid construct greater of 42% when in comparison with March 2023 due to an construct greater in e-commerce, Africa (+3%) and North The united states (-21%). The first export snarl is all over again Asia (-23%), followed by Africa (-1%) and North The united states (-30%).

By manner of cargo volumes, there was a runt snort of 1% in the first quarter. Flown cargo volumes registered a snort of two% this quarter.

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There dangle been 15,237 plane actions in March, up 3% from March 2023. The fashion of passenger flights increased by 7% when in comparison with 2023. In March 2024, there dangle been a mean of 140 passengers per flight, two more passengers than final year. The fashion of cargo flights fell by nearly 10%, primarily due to the decrease in narrate flights.