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To tag Earth Day, the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Affiliation (ALTA) recognised the work of Latin American and Caribbean airways to scheme regular progress in their sustainability targets. ALTA especially distinguishes the efforts that earn resulted in an annual fuel efficiency of two.7% since 2011, thus managing to pause far from the emission of 20.33 million quite lots of CO2 on this period.

Airways went from fuel consumption per thousand passenger kilometers (gallons/1,000 RPKs) of 12.61 gallons in 2011 to 9.1 gallons in 2023. It’s miles a a lot like:

  • Preserve shut 4.6 million cars off the avenue for 1 year;
  • Or 933 million bushes planted;
  • Or the CO2 that might well also sequester 150 km² of mangroves in a year;
  • Or the amount of CO2 that would perchance be absorbed by an location of roughly 2,000 km² of the Amazon rainforest in a year;
  • Or neutralize the annual emissions of roughly 10 million Latin American citizens. The an identical, let’s assume, of Mexico City stopping CO2 emissions for 1 year.

“The airline substitute’s commitment to the ambiance is lengthy-standing and has confirmed sturdy outcomes. Easiest the fuel efficiency achieved can translate into the an identical of two decades of operation of belief to be seemingly the most preferrred solar vegetation in the scheme, which manages to pause far from the emission of 1 million quite lots of CO2 per year. The efficiencies achieved by the bogus translate at as soon as into greater prerequisites for users, for communities and for the ambiance. So, why no longer make a contribution to creating the must haves, the context, wherein the bogus operates extra efficient in allege that it’ll grow with agility and competitiveness?” says José Ricardo Botelho, government director & CEO of ALTA.

Botelho highlights that, moreover to the cleave price in emissions achieved via operational and technological efficiencies, airways in the scheme earn adopted processes to offset their emissions, in some cases up to 90% of emissions from domestic routes.

“Latin The United States has belief to be one of essentially the most modern fleets on the earth, that is, essentially the most productive and environmentally friendly aircraft. We cruise effectively and the footprint is basically low when compared with other regions. Ways to come sustainability targets can’t be the an identical for all people, especially since on this scheme the profits stage is decrease and the influence of compensation and procurement prices of SAF or other initiatives is greater. We must always be extremely cautious to acknowledge the assorted realities that exist so as no longer to trigger irreparable losses in a essential sector,” he says.

“Aviation is never any longer a luxurious, as it became a couple of years previously, but a essential service accessed by better than 300 million folks per year. We must always set apart this in suggestions and work together to come responsibly and effectively in our sustainability targets,” he says.

In this sense, ALTA participates in the SAF Working Teams in Colombia and Mexico and shortly in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. In accordance with this work, the affiliation has two working committees no doubt perfect in the self-discipline, which earn original presidents:

Sustainability Committee: Marco Larson, Head of Sustainability at Sky Airline.

Fuels Committee: David Ortiz, Fuels Manager at Aeromexico.

Both committees assemble better than 15 airways that look to generate knowledge, most productive practices and initiatives that support the bogus to come with agility in sustainability targets.