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Main plane charter specialist, Air Charter Provider, now not too prolonged previously helped to arrange the transport of an eight-month-extinct better kudu, named Linus, from a zoo to his unusual house in a conservation house in Chile.

The better kudu is a large woodland antelope, every so often chanced on all over jap and southern Africa, and male adults dangle distinctive spiral antlers that could well grow as prolonged as 1.8 metres, even supposing Linus’s usually are now not but fully grown, however he’ll rob pleasure in his better unusual house as he grows.


Richard Thompson, President of ACS Americas, commented: “The zoo is a non-profit organisation, and so, previously, had constantly worn commercial companies and products for any animal transport, however Linus’s crate became too enormous for this, so they contacted ACS for a resolution. We had to dangle cautious consideration of Linus’s comfort and wellbeing and it became resolute that two diversified plane, with a stopover in Miami, could be the simplest probability. We sourced a Boeing 767 in Memphis with availability for the charter to Miami, and so organized for Linus to be transported by street to Memphis Airport with the veterinarian and our buyer, who had been to scoot with Linus the total skill to his unusual house in Chile.

“His enormous crate became fastidiously a ways from the trailer and loaded onto the plane, guaranteeing his comfort all over. Upon arrival in Miami, one of our crew met up with all of them, and she or he had organized for Linus to be transported to a USDA-permitted facility for an overnight cease, guaranteeing his comfort, and compliance with quarantine rules. The following morning, he became chauffeured wait on to Miami airport and boarded a Boeing 747 sure for Santiago in Chile. Linus arrived on the conservation house, his unusual house, contented and contented and is now thriving there.”


Caitlin DiMare-Oliver