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AFKLMP Cargo transports trio of koalas to the Netherlands

In cooperation with Air France KLM Martinair Cargo, Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen welcomed three koalas to their custom-built, dedicated habitat called “Koalia”, marking a sure occasion because other than being the most attention-grabbing koalas within the Netherlands, they are the first to living foot on Dutch soil.

Koalas are housed in zoos round the arena inside the scope of management programmes
that contribute to the genetic effectively-being of the inhabitants and offer protection to the species. The koala is listed as “weak” on the IUCN Red List, and Australia has categorised the species as “endangered” following a rapid decline of their numbers in present years.

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On 4 April, an animal caretaker from Ouwehands Zoo departed for the Californian San Diego Zoo to bag the koalas. After several days of training with caregivers, she returned today with the three koalas who will inhabit their ticket-new speak at Ouwehands Zoo.
The KLM aircraft, getting again from Los Angeles, landed this morning at 08:Forty five carrying these
special passengers.

AFKLMP Cargo transports trio of koalas to the Netherlands

KLM Cargo previously transported giant pandas from China to the Netherlands destined for Ouwehands Zoo in 2017. One more exclusive species exclusively showcased at this zoo.

Air France KLM Martinair Cargo specialises within the animal-pleasant, responsible transportation
of moderately a pair of species and employs specialised staff with the main files and talents to
accompany the animals on their crawl.

KLM is one of very few airlines with its bask in animal hotel at Schiphol. It’s fully geared as much as like animals earlier than, within the midst of and after the crawl. In a secluded ambiance, specially professional animal stewards ensure the animals commute as with ease and safely as likely.

AFKLMP Cargo transports trio of koalas to the Netherlands

Upon arrival, the animals are unloaded from the aircraft’s cargo place and transported to the KLM Animal Resort, where they are cleared by customs and undergo a effectively being verify.
The closing leg of the crawl seen them travelling from Amsterdam to Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen.

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The animals will rob a while to recover from their crawl and bag dilapidated to their new surroundings. “Koalia” will open on 25 April, after which guests to Ouwehands Zoo will likely be in a position to search the koalas.