Jillian Daza

Jillian Daza

Email Address jillian.daza@dlh.de

Profile Jillian Daza is the Sales Manager for New York and Connecticut at Lufthansa Cargo, AG, a logistics subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group. She is responsible for leading a team of highly experienced and motivated outside and inside sales representatives that work tirelessly to sell hundreds of tons worth of capacity each week. In 2011, Mrs. Daza earned a BA in Media Studies from Queens College. In 2012 she was enrolled in a project at the Lufthansa Cargo Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany, that involved Strategy and Business Development. Upon completion of the project, Jillian took over the role of Regional Manager of Handling and Process, where she was responsible for the efficient flow of handling and sales processes in the Northeast Region. Jillian is the current Secretary of the JFKACA.

Company Name New York and Connecticut at Lufthansa Cargo, AG

Company Link https://lufthansa-cargo.com/

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/jillian-daza-19850634/

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