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Dayna Harap

Email Address

Address 405 Walden Road
Lawrenceburg, TN 38464

Phone Number (516) 603-9170

Profile Dayna Harap has been in the freight industry for 3 decades. With a start in operations, and a quick move to sales, she's been able to efficiently and effectively grow her relationships with customers, vendors and peers in the industry. She’s continually spent time in operations throughout the years to better understand the ever-changing world of freight. From her time working with an international airline handling their road feeder service, to learning local dispatch and how to “route trucks”, she is always learning and improving her skills. Dayna Harap is the current President of the JFKACA. She also volunteers on a national board which is the AEMCA (Air and Expedited Motor Carrier Association) where she is the secretary and Committee Chairperson.

Company Name SAA Logistics, Inc.

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