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The second installment in Air Cargo World’s 2022 webinar series, “Forward pondering: Most tremendous practices for freight forwarder success,” is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 13, at 11 a.m. ET.

The webinar will encompass a dwell panel dialogue from DSV, Personnel Worldwide and others on how forwarders are leveraging automation, technology, charter networks and more to reinforce operations and stimulate order. The dialogue will seemingly be followed by a quiz-and-respond session with the panelists.

The following themes will seemingly be highlighted:

  • Solutions for transient- and lengthy-term order;
  • Administration techniques that work for forwarders of all sizes; and
  • Key industry and provide chain trends that can dictate forwarder performance in 2023.

Register or be taught more in regards to the free webinar. Have faith Air Cargo World’s earlier webinar on e-commerce logistics and M&A right here.